Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Good Afternoon Folks!
I'm pretty sure that most of you are still in a post-July 4th Holiday 'haze' right now where you can't help but to constantly envision yourself on a beach with a mojito.  It's like my mind has just divorced itself from my reality and has created its own  little oasis...independent from the down & dirty of everyday living.  Even in Zumba class this week, I couldn't help allowing the music to whisk me away to the point where when I realized I was in NYC vs. in Brazil, I got really mad!   Nonetheless,  since, by definition, an "oasis" is "something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast", I'll happily allow such "independent thinking" to take over until I can physically feel the ocean breeze for myself.... soon come! ;-)
In the meantime, I'm willing to provide some temporary "relief" from reality right now by diving into some mindless fashion banter!   Hopefully, something shown/information shared here will prove to be almost as 'intoxicating' in a mojito-like manner for you as it is for me! :-)

For all of my fellow 'slackers' who have yet to visit the Alexander McQueen Exhibit at the Met due to scheduling issues, the Met has so graciously offered to help us out by extending their hours for the final few weeks of the Exhibit!  As of July 22nd, museum members can enjoy early entry from 8:30 a.m. every day except Mondays and for the final weekend from Thurs Aug. 4th thru Sunday Aug. 7th, the museum will remain open until 9 p.m. (as opposed to the regular 5:30 p.m. closings on those days).   I REALLY have no excuse now, huh? ;-)

On another note, I know I've spoken about Jimmy Choo entertaining a men's collection for some time now but I'm happy to announce that it's finally  here!   Check out the link below and some of the more ''interesting" styles that can be purchased directly at the Jimmy Choo boutique & Jimmychoo.com and the online web retailer Mr Porter.  http://www.jimmychoo.com/collections/mens/icat/mensus/.  I'm sure Mr. SH would appreciate 'stylin' in a pair of these JCs!

While we're in the market for luxury goods, let's talk about Prada's new limited edition crocodile handbags only available at the Madison Avenue Prada outpost in NY, The Beverly Hill's Prada boutique, and the Las Vegas Prada store.   These leather-lined bags come with an exclusive I.D. number and a mini detachable clutch.   If you have an extra $40,000 to spare, you can add your name to the waiting list to own one for yourself! ;-)

Continuing the 'luxury' trend,  French luggage/leather accessory-maker Goyard has now added 'fashion accessories'  to its offerings!  Goyard, established in 1853, is bent on giving Hermes a run for its money by debuting a line of silk scarves featuring Goyard's signature "Y" chevron pattern-currently only available at Goyard boutiques on the other side of the pond.....

Speaking of 'the other side of the pond',  one of the most fashionable women in the UK recently gave birth twice over!  Not only did Victoria Beckham deliver her baby girl this week, but she also recently launched a secondary fashion line as well!  The Spring 2012 collection of Victoria by Victoria Beckham is slated to be more affordable (and more forgiving to the figure ;-)) than her main line with prices ranging from $550-$1,300.  According WWD, Beckham assures that with the new line, she hopes to make available "designs to women and girls of all different shapes and sizes, people who maybe want something less tight and clingy and structured. It also makes it more comfortable for during the day. You can wear them with a pair of flats or a pair of heels and they look great.” Here are a sample of the new designs below:

In other launch news, American designer Jeremy Scott's newest collaboration with Adidas has hit the market!   The Fall/Winter 2011 collection was influenced by the 'urban jungle' and military fashion trends with many of the items featuring his signature 'wings' .  Take a look at some of my favs from the collection, which will be available at Adidas Originals stores worldwide in August/October 20111:  

In make-up news, Black|Up cosmetics recently launched in the U.S. to cater to women of color on this side of 'the pond'.  The decade-old French-based company  founded by Lionel Durand is attempting to give MAC a run for its money with its pigment-rich colors in a variety of shades/textures.  Although Black|Up is awaiting U.S. 'brick and mortar' retail distribution, you can purchase the cosmetics ranging from $17-$40 online at http://www.blackupcosmetics.com/

In local news, New York drug store chain Duane Reade has opened a 'mega outlet' at 40 Wall Street that not only functions as a drug store, but but serves as a doctor's office, upscale food market,  juice bar, sushi den, and beauty salon!   Take a look at this nail salon....I wouldn't mind grabbing a quick mani/pedi while picking up my Tylenol and pull-ups!

Other NYC store openings worth mentioning are the Uniqlo flagship store on Fifth Avenue
coming this Fall at 52nd Street;  Century 21 opening at Broadway and 66th St.;   Sephora at 9th Avenue and 13th St.;   Jimmy Choo at Bleecker and Bank Street;  Stella McCartney  on Greene St. between Prince and Spring Street; and Balenciaga  & YSL, both on Mercer between W. Houston and Prince Streets.  Looks like the fall in NYC will be a shopping playground!

Now that I've clued you in to the 'goings ons', let's look at some recent 'fashion finds':

Ok, so we may have to wait for Shop Bop to put these on sale but these Sass&Bide Pants for $561 are THE TRUTH!

On a more economically responsible note, this Asos Cut-out Dip dress for $112 is a great Summer look!

At Topshop, you can't get any cuter (in a sexy way of course) for $130!

Also at Topshop for $100, this dress is a definite stunner and also comes in purple

Asos is in the mix with this color blocked dress with gold tassel cord for $77.58

These Boutique 9 Metallic Snakeskin booties are showstoppers! Available at Shopbop for $180

Although this is a splurge, its soooo worth it! Brian Atwood quilted 'Maniacs' at Netaporter for $620

Back to reality with these Sam Edelman leopard Smoking Flats for $150 at Shopbop. Tres Chic!

These Dolce Vita Sandals are on sale for $125 at shopdolcevita.com vs. $185 @ Saks 

Likewise, check out these 'hi/lo' comps from my 'haute hunts' over the past couple of days:

Remember these $50 metallic wedge espadrilles from Top Shop?

Check out Prada's Spring 2011 take on the style for $750 (I assume Top Shop might have 'borrowed' from Prada though ;-)).

This toffee colored leather skirt at TopShop is $125....

Compare with this Jenni Kayne leather Skirt from Shopbop for $795!

This peach D&G Tie-Front Ciffon Blouse is $280......

Get the same look at Forever 21 for $22.80

Ok folks, time to say Adios....until next time....
 P.S.- This Thurs July 14th & Friday July 15th are pretty big 'deal' days! On the 14th, Saks is starting its "Consolidation Sale" whereby you receive an EXTRA 25% off already reduced selections as well as other ridiculous savings! On the 15th, Nordstroms debuts its anniversary sale that will include some of their exclusive limited-edition items and Target.com's "Black Friday" sale offers up to 50% off of a variety of items- including home products and electronics! Happy Shopping!

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