Friday, January 28, 2011

Worth The Wait....

Hi there! I know its been a minute since I've posted but this weather in the N.E. has really been depressing me/making me really uninspired... I mean, who cares about fashion when slush and snow are mucking up your fly shoes????  LOL.
OK, now that I've vented, here is the deal.... although it's nasty outside, there have been a few good bargains/fashion news flashes in the last few days....

Firstly, H&M has announced that it will be commencing its online e-commerce in the US next year! This is great news considering you can buy online at H&M in various European countries already... here's the 'tweet' they sent yesterday  (Thanks Mz. M ;-) ):
hmusa H&M USA 
Good morning is an understatement! H&M has decided to have online shopping in the US at the turn of the year 2011/2012! Stay tuned for more.

As for fashion DEALS, is currently offering an ADDITIONAL 40% off of some of their 'glamour' pieces from designers like Alexander Wang, McQueen/Alexander McQueen, Chloe, etc.  My current fav- ASOS- is also offering an additional 20% off of some of their ASOS Collection items.   It's definitely worth checking out..

Now, I know this is probably a 'moot' point but Zara is having a huge sale right now but its almost impossible to find some of these items in the store! A little birdie told me that the best location to find what's left of these sale items is at the 34th St location in NYC b/c that's where the returns are usually sent.... Not sure I have the money/time/physical capacity-due to the snow- to head over but here are some of my picks:

Such a pretty blue! Worth the $29.99 sale price!

Brown leather skirt on sale for $89.99. Even cheaper than the TopShop version!

Wasn't sure what I thought about this faux reversible shearling but for $59.99 on sale, you can certainly 'funk this up'!

LOVE that these camel knit pants are on sale for $15.99! We won't even discuss how much the Michael Kors version cost!

This knit cape is ADORBS for the $9.99 sale price! Great weekend piece- esp in the early spring when you really don't want to be bothered with a coat but its rather nippy outside!
Nice little maxi-dress for $29.99 (since 'maxi' is the new 'in' thing ;-))

Real Leather & on sale for $39.99!  Cute!
Another real leather & pony skin find ...$39.99 on sale never looked so sexy!

I think this leather shopper on sale for $39.99 is a great weekend steal as well!  I'm not a 'blue' person but navy, robin's egg, and royal blue are really tugging at me these days!

Love the construction of this real leather bag on sale for $39.99! You know the nude & removable shoulder strap (as I love the versatility and the handle is so cute)  have my name written all over it!
Here is the smaller version of the same bag in such a sexy red (Celeb Stylist Pam Watson did say to pick up bright leather bags for the upcoming season! ;-)).  This is also on sale for $39.99.
In TopShop News...
Check out a peek of  what's coming up in their spring/summer collection...HOT! 

With that, I'm 'out' for the weekend.... Talk to you next week!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Nordstroms has the Jimmy Choo Hunter Wellys  ON SALE for $168 (from $425- which is the current price on all other websites/in stores)  in stock NOW! They have a 5 and 8 one is in Navy & one is in Black.  GO GET IT NOW!!!! Remember, they run on the bigger side so if you wear a size 6, you can def get into the 5 & if you wear an 8 or 9, you'll be fine in the 8!!!! HURRY!!! THEY WILL BE GONE IN SECONDS!

Also, No need to wait for the Target Collabo! 
Calypso St. Barth is offering AN ADDITIONAL 50% off of ALL SALE ITEMS from now until 1/31 if you  use the code "Jansale11" at the check out! (Thanks Mz. A for that one) ;-).

Monday, January 24, 2011

Better Late Than Never....

I had every intention on getting this out earlier but the day ran away from me... nonetheless, the good thing about posting later in the evening is that I can concentrate a wee bit more....
With that said, my biggest news of the day is that the Jil Sander for Uniqlo Spring/Summer Collection is coming out THIS WEEK ON JANUARY 26 (Wednesday)!  Check out these pieces..... HOT!

Another 'interesting' collection is the new H&M "Waste" Collection.... basically, in the spirit of being 'green', H&M has decided to take the 'scraps' left over from the construction of the  Lanvin collection and create a 'by product' line called "Waste".  Here are a couple of the items....

Speaking of H&M & Lanvin, I'm told that much of the collection is resurfacing around the country! Sightings of various dresses, skirts, etc have been seen on racks in H&M outposts in LA, Paris, and NYC (esp. the 5th avenue location).  None of the items are 'on sale' but if you missed the boat back in November during the launch, you can still 'snatch' a piece or two (which i personally think is a great investment)!

As far as great investments go, I'm also told that Bergdorf Goodman's sale items are now in the 75% off range! Not a bad time to 'invest' in a few pieces at these rock bottom prices!

Lastly, one of my favorite designers- Miquelina- is having a sample sale in NYC this week (today through Thurs, the 27th) at 336 W. 37th (btw. 8th & 9th avenues).  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Miquelina but i have to tell you, the prices that were quoted for the dresses ($100-$175) don't really move me considering I've been able to get many of the same dresses (yes, I did see photos of what was available at the sale) for HALF THOSE PRICES on!  I say wait it out until the last day when they start slashing prices and THEN go have a field day!


P.S.- i tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects 'minx' copycat and I LOVE IT! It was sooooo quick & easy to apply!  For $9 vs. $60 for Minx, its well-worth it! I think I want to get one of the metallic solids for next time (i tried the 'lace' version and added a layer of 'nude' polish over it so it would have a little more of a matted finish).   Here's a pix of my thumb...pls excuse the raggedy cuticles and dry fingers... winter can be really harsh on a girl! ;-)


Friday, January 21, 2011

Pamela's Picks of the Day!

Celebrity Stylist Pamela Watson, proprietor of the fashion stylist holding company- Builders of Style, Inc., is our guest editor today who has so graciously agreed to help us girls stay 'chic' by contributing her "Spring/Summer Must Haves"!

See Pam's  Spring 2011 Ultimate 3 "Got 2 Haves" for both women and men below...

For women:
* COLORED / BRIGHT Bags are the new 'IT' 4 the summer. give your trusty black bag a rest this summer. See attached image of  this Balenciaga in Red-soft on the hardware, heavy on the color!

* MAXI DRESSES. Extra long, extra comfortable, extra versatile! Can be paired with flats, heels or my favorite… wedges customize the statement you wanna make (and the extra bonus is u can go rogue underneath and no one would be the wiser ;-)). The bolder the graphic  this season, the better but make sure to keep your solids close at hand as they will never go out of style. You can make the best of both worlds by wearing a bold colored solid and mixing it with a colorful sandal; that’s making the best use of your bank book; HELLO!  But if you have some cash to burn then I would have solids and graphic prints.

* WIDE LEGGED PANTS. Manstyle is always in vogue and this season with palettes ranging from soft butters to vibrants to classic blues this trend favorite tops my list! See designers from DSquared to J. Crew carrying wide legged pants this spring. It’s a nod to the 1940’s era of glamour mixed into modern times that take us “Superwomen” from the office to dinner…in opulent style!

For men:

* COLORED CHINOS. Before you frown at the thought just know they don't have to be rocked in bright bold colors if that's too over the top for you! For the more conservative wearer try a few soft transitions before you dive right in: like soft yellow instead of a regular khaki or a deep blue instead of a regular jean or olive instead of your fatigues. Mix it up and don't forget FIT! Nothing baggy and definitely NO PLEATS PLEASE!

*GRAY FACED WATCHES. are all the rage for that rugged guy who's not afraid of his metrosexual side. It will be the next classic timepiece for your watch repertoire and grab the attention of others for its uniqueness and give YOU a nod to being sexy enough to blaze this trend first!

*MEN CAN GO NUDE TOO! replace the traditional white shirt with a nude one. Yes, take that white shirt and hoist it on a flagpole! Surrender to the newest addition to the versatile shirt that will go with most anything: the khaki shirt! Wears well with a suit or casually. Pair them with a colored chino and your all ready for the we'll work on great footwear finds for the summer to accompany this 'nude' trend!

Love, Pam.

Look out for a new edition of Pamela's Picks next week!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Calypso for Target Update & Shopbop Sale 'picks'

RACKED.COM's Fawnia Soo Hoo's update on the Calypso for Target Update:

Second, the wallet-friendly pricing ranges mostly from $1.99 to $59.99. So, if you outfitted your entire life in Liberty prints last spring, this could be an optimum time to cycle out the florals for some bright and tropical tie-dyes and ethnic print patterns. Think Talitha Getty gallivanting around Marrakesh, but at a mass market price point.

Let's start with the womenswear. Calypso is known for its premium fabrics and soft, flowing silhouettes, so everyone is wondering how the looks and quality will translate into the Target line. We fondled and groped all the pieces (in summer whites, bold pinks and reds, and delicious shades of blue), plus carefully inspected all the intricate beading and sequins, colorful embroidery, grosgrain-piping and crocheted lace. And, folks, it all looked and felt really good. Most of the pieces (like the white harem pants, wrap dresses, peasant tops, and beachy shorts) are made out of soft cotton voile.
Also, we spoke with the Calpyso creative director herself and she confirmed that a few pieces are made of real silk and pure linen. We're betting that the navy blue tie-dyed tunic with creamy crochet paneling—priced at just $36—will sell out in a snap (we saw it on a model and it looks much more expensive than it is), plus all the editors were eying a melon-hued tie-dyed maxi dress ($49.99) with a rope belt. The womenswear ranges from $19.99 to $49.99, with the exception of plus-size dresses (available online), which can run up to $79.99.
We should also make a quick mention of the baby girl and girl pieces, which are priced between $4.99 and $19.99. The sheer adorableness of the items (pink tie-dye ruffle one-piece bathing suits and elephant print rompers) will melt the hardest of hearts and if that doesn't, the prices will.
The tie-dye and elephant print motif is carried over to the home collection and pricing runs from $3.50 for bright, resort-feel acrylic plates to $59.99 for gold and silver Moroccan-style poufs (not real leather, but they feel like it and they're probably much easier to clean). There were also candles, hammered metal-ish votives, and irresistible ceramic elephant tea pots in rose-pink or cerulean blue.
Accessories run the gamut, too. The jewelry and hair accessories run from $12.99 to $49.99 and we have to say that the hammered gold-ish necklace with rose beaded chain and tassle looked and felt pretty substantial for under $50. There is also a line of beach totes and make-up pouch accessories in tie-dye and woven canvas starting at $9.99. Did we mention the bright and resort hued flip flops ($12.99) and canvas wedge espadrilles ($29.99)? Plus the über-soft sleepwear and intimates with lovely crocheted detail double nicely as outside apparel, too.
There is no word on any sort of New York pop-up, but with the East Harlem Target now open, there most likely won't be one this time. The Calypso line launches on May 1st and runs through June 11th, so we're marking our calendar. Photos were forbidden at the preview, but full look books will be available soon, so stay tuned.

In other 'recessionista' news, check out the new chain of fitness clubs by the uber-chic Equinox fitness chain called "Blink Fitness Clubs".  Blink offers Equinox level workouts without the Equinox price tag (beware, there are no classes here but for $20/month membership and no sticky contracts, its all worth it!). Visit at

And I would suggest you motivate yourself to get into shape at Blink (or elsewhere) by buying an 'aspirational' piece from ShopBop's current winter sale for you to wear after you get "right and tight".... items are 30%, 50%, and 70% off.  Here are some of of my picks from the 50% & 70% discounted sections (you know 30% off doesn't really 'move' me but hey, I'll take any discount I can get ;-)):

Brazilian Designer Dar-Ti Silk Open back maxi dress on sale for $150

Halston Metallic Dress on sale for $182.50

Pency Leather Top on sale for $218

Tucker Dress on sale for $181.50

Dar-Ti Dress on sale for $111 (black is on sale for about $200 but i think this olive is beautiful)

ALC dress on sale for $224.50

Last but not least, I totally have a thing for 'blush' hued clothing/shoes so I wanted to post these new TopShop offerings in honor of my 'blush crush' ;-).

Genuine Leather Heels $210

Genuine Leather Clutch $32

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Rather Be At the Beach....

Good afternoon!
Although we missed their fantastic sample sale just one month ago, just wanted to add some sunshine to your day by sending a reminder that Calypso St. Barth's line for Target will be available May 1-June 11, 2011 in stores and online.  The prices range from $1.99-$79.99 and features apparel/accessories/housewares.  Can't wait! 

In the meantime, the Barneys Warehouse sale begins February 17th in NYC so if you're so inclined to just shop for no reason, that should hold you over until Calypso! :-)'s an offer for Full Spray Tans for $30 from "THE" place that all of the celebs frequent (I did it this fall and really liked the 'look'.  It was like body make up...covered all of the marks/dimples very well ;-)):  If you are planning to look tan and trim, NOW is a great time to purchase full body custom spray tans. Just click on the link below and you can purchase a package of 5 Tans for only $150.00 right from your computer. Simply Click on the link, place your order, print out your receipt and bring in with you when you come into Brazil Bronze. No expiration, tans by appointment only.
Limit 5 tans per customer, no expiration, tans by appointment only. call 212-431-0077 to book appointment.

Speaking of 'spray on' beauty, has anyone tried these Sally Hansen 'peel on' nail polish strips?

 I saw an ad for this product in this month's Instyle magazine and was instantly curious....the Internet is all 'abuzz' about this Minx alternative (its faster/cheaper/no heat is involved in applying or taking them off).  As most of you know, I can't keep a manicure to save my life so I'm looking forward to trying these... I bought a box at my local Duane Reade for $9.98 (the display was halfway empty so I guess these peel & stick nail polish is all the rage in NYC!).  Wish me luck!

Last but not least, here are my 'chic steals' of the day....
The first is this maxi dress from ASOS.... i love the color & construction.  Its definitely a lot of dress for $112.  

Even cheaper still is this cute little number from Love21 (Forever 21's 'adult contemporary' line....;-)).  The purple color is vibrant but the real attraction to this fitted sheath dress is the curved and ruffled exposed zipper detail.   You may not be entirely impressed but for $22.80, I thought it was cute for the spring!

That's all for now!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday Blues on Tuesday...

Uggh...the sky is gray and its the day after a long holiday weekend..... its Tuesday but it feels like Monday....even the shopping is 'blah' today. 

I thought I found one more bright spot with some new H&M designer collabo pix but the light was quickly dimmed when I found out that this  designer collabo (with Swedish designer Elin Kling) is only sold in Sweden! :-( .   Look at the sharp, crisp lines and 'flow' of these pieces...nice!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the asymmetric sleeve maxi dress!!!  Hey, anyone heading to Sweden in the near future can make a killing taking orders and adding 'service fees' ;-)

Now for our 'high/low" tip of the day..... For those of you who are big Stella McCartney fans, she has just come out with a new jumpsuit just in time for spring listed on Net-A-Porter for almost $1200 ($1195 to be exact).  How about there is a shorter Stella McCartney jumpsuit on sale at Yoox for $230! The only difference is the length of the pant (one is cropped at the ankle and the other is more of a thigh-length'romper')
and the style of the back (one is a racer-back and the other has a standard tank back).....Can you tell which one of this designer's pieces is over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS MORE THAN THE OTHER??? I thought not! Throw on a cute, cropped biker jacket and the yoox one (obviously changing the shoes, as the ones in the photo are quite inapproproate!) would be just as fly on a nice spring day as the more expensive/longer version on Net-a-porter (and you'd have an extra 'G' in your pocket! ;-)).

Well, that's all I have for you today folks... maybe a glass of wine and a good nights sleep will allow me to feel a bit more 'chic' tomorrow.... ;-)
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