Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pt. II of "I'm Baaaaack!" Feb. 10,2011

Lastly on the fashion front, you know I can't help but troll the Internet to see what's new and what wets my whistle..... Here is a small sampling of both my 'hi' and 'lo' obsessions of the week!
Ok, so Victoria Beckham aka 'Posh Spice' isn't marketing to the masses with these $800 sunglasses but when I tell you that these 18K gold & rose tinted aviators are THE BUSINESS, I mean it! Ughh...maybe they'll go on sale??? ;-)
In furtherance of my 'nude' obsession, these Dolce Vita suede wedges with the tassel back zip are a no brainer! For $179 on the website (or $190 on you can get in one two Spring trends for one: platform wedges PLUS the nude palette.
If you want to go 'luxe' with the combined nude/platform wedge trend, these Lanvin (no-not Lanvin for H&M but LANVIN straight up!) patent leather wooden wedge heels are DI-VINE PERIOD! I love the blush (there I go again ;-)) satin ankle "Ballerina Girl"!
This Elizabeth and James skirt (retailing for $465) really caught my eye! I love the corset-like high waisted, perforated leather band against the twill A-line bottom.  This one is definitely a "Closet Classic"!
In the same $500 for a leather skirt vein, $495 for this Alice & Olivia butter leather skirt is not really in my budget right now but I thought it was so cute for spring and very 'different' in cut & color for a leather skirt.  I love how the 'hardness' of the leather is 'softened' by the color and pleating.  Definitely a good look on a nice spring day!

You know no blog of mine would be complete without a 'TopShop' pick! Check out this olive colored military jacket! Speaking of 'hardness' being 'softened', look at how the chiffon overlay not only updates but sophisticates this take on a classic khaki military jacket! For $178, I would say this is a very sound investment.  I envision it being worn with shorts to jeans to skirt to trousers and back again.... from the street to the office- very versatile!
Last, but not least, I had to add these very giuseppe zanotti looking Rhinestone 'camo' shoe booties by Report Signature for $395.   These are HAUTE! And seriously, you couldn't tell that you didn't pay a penny less than $1,500 for these!  Rock on with your bad self!

Well, I think that's all I have time to report today but in the spirit of being a bit more well-rounded and giving just as much attention to the 'inside' as the outside, I want to let you know that our favorite juice cleanse- BLUEPRINT CLEANSE is partnering with Whole Foods in Tribeca NYC to provide their BLUEPRINT juices to the masses.  You can buy them 'a la carte' from the produce section and devise your own cleansing program at your own pace and according to your own pocket!

If that doesn't work to slim you down, Commando underwear is giving Spanx a run for their money by offering these nylon/spandex tights that suck you in and sleek you up in all the right places. Even the models at fashion week are wearing them on the runway! Find these tights at Saks Fifth Avenue from $20-$30 a pop!

I'm signing off now! Be back soon with some Fashion Week updates!


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