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In the spirit of "foolin' around" in honor of April Fool's day, I am hereby encouraging you to take a break from your day/'real' responsibilities, to take a look at my latest bargain/sale/smart-shopping news!
Before I get into that, I want to share this with those of you still living the "high life"....
Louis Vuitton- has become domesticated!
Yes, LV is joining the rest of us 'family-minded folks' by featuring in-store "family rooms" to provide families/children a comfortable distraction while parents shop til they drop! Check out the first LV' family room' installment in the Louis Vuitton boutique at the mall of the Emirates in Dubai:

In other fashion 'brand' news, looks like we have another 'Jimmy Choo' situation heading our way (i.e. where the actual shoe designer who is the namesake of the brand is no longer actually associated with/designing for the brand)! Sigerson Morrison shoe designers Kari Sigerson and Miranda Morrison have left the brand they built in 1991.  I know Mz. NC is sad about the potential loss of the  'soul' of the brand but apparently both Kari and Miranda intend on continuing their collaboration elsewhere so I'm sure their beloved design collaborations will pop up again soon!

Meanwhile, in other designer collaboration news, a lot is actually going on....
First, a few more pieces from Jil Sander's spring/summer collection for Uniqlo have popped up and I kind of like what I see.   Here are a few of my favs:

Secondly, Gap + Pierre Hardy are at it again with a new spring shoe that is absolutely lovely!  Check out this ultra lady-like heel for $125.00. ADORBS!

Last but not least, Payless is adding another 'notch' to its designer collaboration belt with Colombian designer Silvia Tcherassi collection will be priced between $40 and $70 and the pieces will, according to Tcherassi, have the "delicacy of a ballet dancer, and, at the same time, the strength of a rock star." This Latin-influenced collection will be available in 15 U.S. markets, Puerto Rico and across Latin America, including Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and El Salvador, starting in May, as the first of four semiannual collections she has signed on to design.  Take a look....MUY CALIENTE!

Now, for some 'real' bargins we can take advantage of NOW:
J. Crew is offering an additional 30% discount off all clearance items on its website via the promotional code "LOVEIT".  

And here is Bloomingdale's current offer expiring this weekend.  You can print the coupon below to take to your local Bloomies store or use the following code online- "SPRINGFF".

Wishing you happy shopping with these promo codes!

Speaking of 'happy shopping', nothing makes me happier than discovering a great 'hi/lo' comp to share with you all.  Here are my latest finds:

I'm sure you all saw Jennifer Lopez & Jennifer Hudson rock the same Chloe leather dress last week... FIRE!  Well, Asos is offering a similar version with a bit more detail making it not only a more embellished option but a MUCH cheaper one.  Check it out:

Chloe Nude Whipstitch leather dress: $3135

Asos Mauve Laser-cut Leather dress: $280

In my second set of 'hi/lo' comps for this week, I must admit that when i saw this  $800 Herve' Leger bikini, i went BONKERS!!!!  Can I tell you how FLY & FLATTERING his bathing suits are? Not only do they 'suck you in' (and they run big like the dresses so you gotta size 'down'  in order to get the full 'bodycon' effect: which def helps the ego ;-)) but they are SEXY as all hell!  One caveat.... you can't swim in them.... Yes, ladies, they are for 'sunning' and 'stunting' but NOT swimming ;-).  Who needs water anyway?!?  
BUT if you DO want the option of splashing around a little with a MUCH MUCH MUCH more inexpensive price-tag, H&M's new Spring/Summer line has included a 'Leger-like' bikini that is almost as impressive in style and fit (you all know I swear by the style/price of H&M bathing suits anyway!).   Check it out for yourself and guess which one is which ;))(:

Now, let me offer you some more 'fly but frugal' fashion picks from some of my favorite online stores/designers:

@ Asos this week:

I thought this was a cute spring/summer chiffon work dress for $150.

For $134, this cute little summer cocktail dress would def make heads turn- i like the colors and the flattering 'folds'.

Coming up at H&M: 

LOVE LOVE LOVE the color, shape, and 'flow' of this strapless maxi dress

Use your imagination to see how this Kimono dress could be oh so cute this spring. Gold platform heels would kill it!

Not so much of a fan of the chartreuse frock to the right but the purple/gold banded dress to the left screams GUCCI Spr. 2011!!!!! Get the look for less ladies! ;-)

Another H&M bikini that I thought was cute.

And new in @ Zara:

You can't beat the style and comfort of these $99 wedges that are getting LOTS of buzz from the media this week!

This multicolor high-healed sandal is also an amazing buy for $99

Elsewhere on the 'net:

Another cute blush wedge from Report Signature: $250

Forever 21 antique gold braided collar for $9 def adds to the 70's inspired 'Gucci Spring 2011' look

Last but not least, Mz. TS would like to invite all of your fashionistas to the launch of a very promising new handbag line! Please see details below:

Alas, I think we've done enough 'foolin around' for one day.  Have a safe & happy weekend!


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