Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Special Summer Report from Fx4 Boutique!

Hello again! See, I'm on a ROLLLLL! Gone for two weeks now back twice in a week! ;-)

So, I know I focus A LOT on the weather but that's because the weather really dictates my mood- unfortunately.   So, in honor of the rain, dark skies, and nasty wetness that I'm currently experiencing in NYC, I decided to dedicate today's posting to the BEACH (more specifically, being SEXY at the BEACH)! 

Who better to give us 'sexy beach' advice other than Mz. PS- the owner/"Fit Therapist" of ????

So, in preparation for summer, Priya has the following "Beach Beauty Advice:

Ladies – being HOT this summer doesn’t mean you have to be exposed to the sweltering heat – it just means you have to follow my advice for a fun and ‘haute’ summer with these essentials from

A Luz De Mar bathing suit
                This Argentinean brand is a great buy because the price point is right and the fit is AMAZING!!  I have the bright yellow one and it makes my boobs look PAAYOW!! The tops have built in pads that don’t shift or bulge even after washing and wearing which make for a fabulous ‘push’ in all the right places!!  The bottoms are considered 'latin’ cut meaning, not as small as Brazilian or a thong, but small enough to bake your buns for a sexy tan line!!

A Cover-up
                Cover-ups are slowly gaining ground for walking from your hotel suite to the beach or pool.  Whoa the days when a white T-shirt would do as a cover-up!!  If you consider yourself a sexy, haute, fashionable chick, you definitely need an alluring coverup that turns heads as you walk to your favorite beach or pool destination.  Not only does it pique the curiosity of what’s underneath, it gives you a chic beach look that will garner all the right attention!! is offering a free cover-up with a purchase of a Luz De Mar bathing suit, so get there quick while supplies last!!!

Color popping jewelry and accessories
                Color can really spice up your look and when done right, can make you look extremely stylish.  Add a pop of color to your wardrobe using jewelry, bags, shoes and even bright colored lipsticks to enhance your look and help bring out the color of your tanned skin!! Check out our collection of Kendra Scott Jewelry that definitely define POP when it comes to fun colors for the season!   

Thanks Priya!  Gonna run now to long onto to snag a Luz De Mar bikini with a FREE cover-up! 

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