Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It Smells Like Spring!!!

We're getting closer to my favorite  seasons of the year- Spring & Summer!
As the weather gets warmer, the clothes get lighter and brighter!  So in the spirit of the sun that's shining outside of my window, today's blog posting will be dedicated to all things SPRING!

But first, I must inform you of a few new items in the world of 'hi/lo' collaborations:
 Whoever coined the phrase 'sloppy seconds' be damned!
Target will be re-issuing 34 dresses all priced under $50 from 17 of their previously released "Go International" designer collections.   So if you missed grabbing a piece from the Behnaz Sarafpour, Proenza Schouler, Alice Temperly, Richard Chai, Thakoon, Tracy Feith, Rodarte, Zac Posen, or Tucker lines, you'll get your chance on March 13th! 


Hot off the presses, however, Vena Cava is  linking up with Uniqlo!   Like their designs for the Gap khaki project and Bloomingdale's Aqua project, the Vena Cava Uniqlo line will undoubtedly be nothing short of AMAZING! I will keep you posted as to the launch date & will post photos of the new line once the previews are made public!

Now, I'm just waiting on the Tom Ford/H&M collection (ahhh...."only in my dreams" ...but hey, ANYTHING is possible ;-)).

Now, for today's * 'tid bits'*, check these out....

*H&M (yes, you know I can't blog without mentioning H&M) has recently introduced a few pieces from their Spring line.   Here are some of my favorites (shout out  to Wendy Lam @ nitrolicious for the pix)!

*Look at what Zara has to offer for the spring:
Love the colors/cut is very jil sander-esq

Very reminiscent of the YSL Tribute...$99...so you'll save about $700 for the same look! ;-)


"There's No Place Like Home, There's No Place Like Home"- esp. for $109

Very Crisp & Fresh....like Spring

SEXY CUT & COLOR FOR SPRING and for only $80

*Speaking of Sexy...look at the back of this TopShop kimono.... WOW!   (you knew I couldn't mention H&M and Zara without throwing TopShop some love! :-)).

*Remember the $900 VB rose gold mirrored aviators I posted a few issues back, well, I've found a MUCH cheaper alternative from Mosley Tribes (by Oliver Peoples).  These are called the "Santino" and retail for less than $250.... HOT!!!!

*Next bargain.... check out these Sam Edelman platform t-strap mary janes.... you wouldn't believe that I stumbled upon these shoes in the current issue of VOGUE magazine!  Not usually an Edelman fan, I quickly tore the ad out of the magazine and proceeded to hunt them down on the Internet only to find that they also come in a FANTABULOUS "antique gold" 'foil' (which are the pair I want but of course they are sold out all over town).  Nonetheless, this nude suede version is a ridiculous buy (esp. for that long/lean/leggy look) for only $99!  They also come in black suede and a dark grey suede.  Go 'head Sam with your Vogue ad turning heads! Gotta love it!
*Last but not least, if you're out and about on the big city streets on March 5th, be on the look-out for the latest YSL manifesto giveaway.  Here is a peep at the current tote:  

If you're lucky enough to be 'on location', grab a manifesto for me...as I somehow keep missing them!  :-(


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