Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mid-Week Madness and Ashes....

Hi there!

We're halfway through the week and I'm already ready for Friday! 
 To add on to the weight of having the whole second half of the week left on my calendar, Lenten Season is now upon us and guess what I've decided to 'sacrifice'?????
Now, I don't know how possible that is but giving up shopping for  this period will TRULY be a test of my faith! Pray for me sistas.....

Along with Lent, March also brings with it a bevy of fashion sales and launches.

First off, joining Hermes in opening the doors to it's annual sale on March 23rd is Dolce & Gabanna!   Dolce & Gabanna will run from the 23rd through the 27th at Chelsea's Metropolitan Pavilion in NYC. 

Making launch history, however, is Tom Ford who FINALLY launched his own womenswear collection in his Madison Avenue boutique this month!  Bravo Mr. Ford!   

On the other side of the 'pond' in Paris, however, March has brought with it a huge fashion phenomenon: a collaboration between Chanel and Colette! These two French fashion powerplayers have created a joint 'pop up' boutique on Rue Saint-Honore' combining fashion (featuring Chanel's S/S 2011 collection  and pieces from several young designers  specifically chosen by Colette for the jv), visual arts, and musical performances.  

Speaking of Colette, you will never guess what $424 item has flown off of the Colette shelves (and website) at the speed of light.... check out this Jeremy Scott 'underwear clutch'.... Yes, I am SOOOO serious that this American designer (and former Brooklynite) took a pair of 'tighty whities' and made an international fashion statement out of it!  

While I would  never be so bold as to carry this clutch ANYWHERE (imagine what it looks like when the bottom gets dirty :-P), I do think I'd be on the safe-side sporting Mr. Scott's winged ballet flats from his  "JS" collaboration with Nike.  We've  seen Scott's winged JS for Nike sneakers on Kanye West and word is that  Anne Hathaway even sported a pair of the sneakers at Oscar rehearsals!  
Since I'm not quite a 'sneakerhead' (not that interested in sneakers and a bit too old to feign interest now), I do appreciate Scott taking a more feminine approach in creating these (esp. since ballet flats should be on every girl's list of fashion fundamentals).  
Already released in Asia,  these ballet flats come in fuchsia, white, and black with multi-colored polka dots.  I think these are pretty fun to wear on the weekend with a pair of skinny jeans, cropped jeans, cargo pants, and even non-MC Hammer-looking harem styles.   If any of you are in Korea or Japan anytime soon, please grab a fuchsia pair for me because who knows when they'll hit state-side!

Back on this continent,  Los Angeles' 'mini-chain' store 'L.A. + JO' is making a small buzz as the more upscale 'big sister' of Forever 21/fun, economically savvy 'younger sister' of Barneys. 
L.A.+Jo carries its own line "inspired" by designers like Kimberly Ovitz and Helmut Lang as well as vintage designer denim, and accessories.   Sounds like a worthy addition to my 'hi/lo' stable of vendors so I'll definitely make it a point to check it out next time I'm in 'La La'.

 On the beauty 'tip', I was instantly attracted to Estee Lauder's new limited edition Island oasis eye-shadow palette when I saw it featured in New York Magazine.   As  soon as I viewed the shimmery rose/turquoise/gold/bronze hues I was immediately transported to an island oasis (in my head ;-)). 
I'm a HUGE fan of Lauder's  Bronze Goddess skin care/fragrance line (SMELLS SOOOOO GOOD!  Thanks for putting me 'on' Mz. SB) so I have no doubt that running to purchase this eyeshadow compact ASAP is a good idea - especially because, like all of the Limited Edition Bronze Goddess products, if you snooze, you lose.  

Keeping the topic in the 'eye area', I hear that the eyebrow gurus at Browhaus at 56 Spring Street in NYC is now offering Brow Resurrection services as a less invasive and less painful permanent makeup alternative. 
Browhaus describes this concept as "brow embroidery" where the treatment (which last up to two months) takes up to three hours to create eyebrow 'hairs' by way of vegetable-based dye infused 'scratches' in the brow area.  If you have an extra $1000 in your pocket (for initial treatment and 'tune ups') and want to experience this 'resurrection' for yourself, get more details at

Now that we're done talking about potentially painful processes, let's get into some pleasure....

Here are my picks of the day:

*Since this season's collections have been full of color and stripes (i.e. Prada's Spring/Summer 2011 collection), I found a very easy/inexpensive way to get into the action without looking too 'nautical in the city'.  Look at this cute striped straw/genuine wood handle tote bag from Forever21 for  only $12! 

*I've also been noticing shoes are looking much more 'architectural' these days.  
While I'm not quite adventurous when it comes to crazy heel shape,  structure, and 'bulk', I thought these Report Signature shoes were very unique and structurally interesting but still sleek and sexy. 

Report Signature "Calyer" shoe in 'Almond' - $265

*In H&M news, Super Model  Gisele Bundchen is the new 'face' of H&M's Spring/Summer 2011 line.  Look at this chick's post-baby body! Oh- the clothes are equally as impressive ;-)

* In more celeb mother/fashion goddess news...

Stella McCartney's newest offerings are nothing less than GORGEOUS! 
I'm SUCH a fan of her in general! I even tried to squeeze myself into some of her kiddie Gap collabo creations (I must say that not having much in 'chest' area did allow me to successfully snag a teen girl tank from the line ;-)).   
In any event, I think this jumpsuit is one of my favorite pieces from the current collection (I'm totally feeling the 'slits' up top and on bottom):

In parting, it has come to my attention that construction of the Century 21 Department Store @ Lincoln Center (old Barnes & Noble space) has begun and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. 
If any of you know me well, you'll know that Century 21 is my most FAVORITE store in the ENTIRE WORLD (and I have made it a point to travel the far reaches of the world just to shop). 
I even had the pleasure of speaking with the owner of the mega department store chain at length at the Waverly Inn one evening (where he introduced me to my first taste of Absinthe!) where he informed me that the downtown NYC store was where they put their best merchandise! I have to dust off my rolodex to find his business card so I can get the skinny on the merchandise that will be featured at this new location.  
I can't imagine the damage I'll do but by the time the store opens,  Lenten Season will be OVA and both my salvation &  shopping privileges will be properly restored! ;-)

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  1. The H&M pieces on Gisele are EXCITING!! Has anyone actually seen these items in the stores? Good luck with Lenten Season! I know you can keep the faith and just think of how much money you will save to scoop up all of this fabulous finds!


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