Monday, January 24, 2011

Better Late Than Never....

I had every intention on getting this out earlier but the day ran away from me... nonetheless, the good thing about posting later in the evening is that I can concentrate a wee bit more....
With that said, my biggest news of the day is that the Jil Sander for Uniqlo Spring/Summer Collection is coming out THIS WEEK ON JANUARY 26 (Wednesday)!  Check out these pieces..... HOT!

Another 'interesting' collection is the new H&M "Waste" Collection.... basically, in the spirit of being 'green', H&M has decided to take the 'scraps' left over from the construction of the  Lanvin collection and create a 'by product' line called "Waste".  Here are a couple of the items....

Speaking of H&M & Lanvin, I'm told that much of the collection is resurfacing around the country! Sightings of various dresses, skirts, etc have been seen on racks in H&M outposts in LA, Paris, and NYC (esp. the 5th avenue location).  None of the items are 'on sale' but if you missed the boat back in November during the launch, you can still 'snatch' a piece or two (which i personally think is a great investment)!

As far as great investments go, I'm also told that Bergdorf Goodman's sale items are now in the 75% off range! Not a bad time to 'invest' in a few pieces at these rock bottom prices!

Lastly, one of my favorite designers- Miquelina- is having a sample sale in NYC this week (today through Thurs, the 27th) at 336 W. 37th (btw. 8th & 9th avenues).  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Miquelina but i have to tell you, the prices that were quoted for the dresses ($100-$175) don't really move me considering I've been able to get many of the same dresses (yes, I did see photos of what was available at the sale) for HALF THOSE PRICES on!  I say wait it out until the last day when they start slashing prices and THEN go have a field day!


P.S.- i tried the Sally Hansen Salon Effects 'minx' copycat and I LOVE IT! It was sooooo quick & easy to apply!  For $9 vs. $60 for Minx, its well-worth it! I think I want to get one of the metallic solids for next time (i tried the 'lace' version and added a layer of 'nude' polish over it so it would have a little more of a matted finish).   Here's a pix of my thumb...pls excuse the raggedy cuticles and dry fingers... winter can be really harsh on a girl! ;-)


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