Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Monday Blues on Tuesday...

Uggh...the sky is gray and its the day after a long holiday weekend..... its Tuesday but it feels like Monday....even the shopping is 'blah' today. 

I thought I found one more bright spot with some new H&M designer collabo pix but the light was quickly dimmed when I found out that this  designer collabo (with Swedish designer Elin Kling) is only sold in Sweden! :-( .   Look at the sharp, crisp lines and 'flow' of these pieces...nice!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the asymmetric sleeve maxi dress!!!  Hey, anyone heading to Sweden in the near future can make a killing taking orders and adding 'service fees' ;-)

Now for our 'high/low" tip of the day..... For those of you who are big Stella McCartney fans, she has just come out with a new jumpsuit just in time for spring listed on Net-A-Porter for almost $1200 ($1195 to be exact).  How about there is a shorter Stella McCartney jumpsuit on sale at Yoox for $230! The only difference is the length of the pant (one is cropped at the ankle and the other is more of a thigh-length'romper')
and the style of the back (one is a racer-back and the other has a standard tank back).....Can you tell which one of this designer's pieces is over ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS MORE THAN THE OTHER??? I thought not! Throw on a cute, cropped biker jacket and the yoox one (obviously changing the shoes, as the ones in the photo are quite inapproproate!) would be just as fly on a nice spring day as the more expensive/longer version on Net-a-porter (and you'd have an extra 'G' in your pocket! ;-)).

Well, that's all I have for you today folks... maybe a glass of wine and a good nights sleep will allow me to feel a bit more 'chic' tomorrow.... ;-)

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