Friday, January 28, 2011

Worth The Wait....

Hi there! I know its been a minute since I've posted but this weather in the N.E. has really been depressing me/making me really uninspired... I mean, who cares about fashion when slush and snow are mucking up your fly shoes????  LOL.
OK, now that I've vented, here is the deal.... although it's nasty outside, there have been a few good bargains/fashion news flashes in the last few days....

Firstly, H&M has announced that it will be commencing its online e-commerce in the US next year! This is great news considering you can buy online at H&M in various European countries already... here's the 'tweet' they sent yesterday  (Thanks Mz. M ;-) ):
hmusa H&M USA 
Good morning is an understatement! H&M has decided to have online shopping in the US at the turn of the year 2011/2012! Stay tuned for more.

As for fashion DEALS, is currently offering an ADDITIONAL 40% off of some of their 'glamour' pieces from designers like Alexander Wang, McQueen/Alexander McQueen, Chloe, etc.  My current fav- ASOS- is also offering an additional 20% off of some of their ASOS Collection items.   It's definitely worth checking out..

Now, I know this is probably a 'moot' point but Zara is having a huge sale right now but its almost impossible to find some of these items in the store! A little birdie told me that the best location to find what's left of these sale items is at the 34th St location in NYC b/c that's where the returns are usually sent.... Not sure I have the money/time/physical capacity-due to the snow- to head over but here are some of my picks:

Such a pretty blue! Worth the $29.99 sale price!

Brown leather skirt on sale for $89.99. Even cheaper than the TopShop version!

Wasn't sure what I thought about this faux reversible shearling but for $59.99 on sale, you can certainly 'funk this up'!

LOVE that these camel knit pants are on sale for $15.99! We won't even discuss how much the Michael Kors version cost!

This knit cape is ADORBS for the $9.99 sale price! Great weekend piece- esp in the early spring when you really don't want to be bothered with a coat but its rather nippy outside!
Nice little maxi-dress for $29.99 (since 'maxi' is the new 'in' thing ;-))

Real Leather & on sale for $39.99!  Cute!
Another real leather & pony skin find ...$39.99 on sale never looked so sexy!

I think this leather shopper on sale for $39.99 is a great weekend steal as well!  I'm not a 'blue' person but navy, robin's egg, and royal blue are really tugging at me these days!

Love the construction of this real leather bag on sale for $39.99! You know the nude & removable shoulder strap (as I love the versatility and the handle is so cute)  have my name written all over it!
Here is the smaller version of the same bag in such a sexy red (Celeb Stylist Pam Watson did say to pick up bright leather bags for the upcoming season! ;-)).  This is also on sale for $39.99.
In TopShop News...
Check out a peek of  what's coming up in their spring/summer collection...HOT! 

With that, I'm 'out' for the weekend.... Talk to you next week!


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