Friday, January 14, 2011

Today's Pre-Holiday Weekend Updates!

Happy MLK Day in Advance!  Just wanted to give you something to 'chew' on during this long holiday weekday! xoxo EMK

Firstly, I'm thinking that black/white color-blocked items are going to be a big ticket this spring.  Below, check out the Moschino dress on Netaporter for $695 and the H&M 'versions' below for prices WAY below that price tag!  I do like the design of the Moschino dress better though ;-)

In the same vein, check out this chocolate leather skirt from Top Shop for $250 vs. the Chloe version on Netaporter for $1700.... hmmm.... I sure would buy the Top Shop version and take it to a tailor to shorten it a bit and STILL come out cheaper than the Chloe. ;-). 

Ok, so I must admit that while checking out both sites, I did  come across some other 'finds' and had to show you  the Top Shop metal fringe biker jacket for $500 (check out the back- HOT) and the Brian Atwood heels below from Netaporter ....I LOVE THESE RIDICULOUSLY (I'm not posting the price b/c its not something that any of us can afford right now ;-)

Speaking of affordable fashion, check out these Norma Kamali for Walmart steals.  Pay special attention to the construction of both the jacket and vest (LOVE the vest in this camo print)- VERY 'Norma K'- and for $20 for the jacket and $9 for the vest, there is NO QUESTION of 'investing' in these 'low' pieces and pairing them up w/ some 'high' bottoms/shoes/bags to look like  you've just stepped off the runway!

Continuing on the trend of 'affordable' fashion, Jil Sander's spring line for Uniqlo comes out on January 26th! Here are some of my favs (I'm mad I couldn't get my hands on that navy nylon/wool puffy coat :-(). The price points of these items are $49.99-$149.99.  I can't wait!
LOVE the collars of these pieces (as you may know already, collars & sleeves are my thang!).

A step 'up' from Uniqlo is Zara, and here are some of their new 'releases' that i really, really like....
Leather Bowling Bag for $149 (LOVE this 'blue violet' color)

Leather clutch in 'nude' $109.  Love that the strap is removable.

I can soooo see myself in this black leather mini dress for $189.... I'd accessorize this to make it look like a million bucks!

And these are very functional and cute wedge booties for $109.

Well ladies, that's all I have for today- hopefully these fashion finds can hold you over until next week.....
Be safe & God bless!

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