Thursday, January 13, 2011

You should start a blog.....

OK so here it is...I'm constantly sending/receive emails to/from  friends across the country about fashion 'finds', 'steals', 'tips', and events so it has been suggested that I start a blog..... so here it goes!  Please keep in mind that I know NOTHING about blogging and am pretty new to this space (although I do read a few blogs regularly and found myself SWEATING this one blogger I read daily when I saw her in person at the Lanvin for H&M Launch party/fashion show....I actually ran over to her and said "OMG, I read you EVERYDAY!" embarrassing...especially since I've never even done that to the various 'real' celebrities I know/have socialized with over the years).
I am, however, hopelessly addicted to fashion and everything about it- especially high fashion at low prices and mixing haute couture with more 'mass marketed' items ( 'a la' the "Hi/Low" effect ;-)). 
I'm also addicted to new obsessions- especially fashion and food  infatuations- so generally, friends know that if they are on the hunt for a particular clothing item or culinary experience, I'll use the free time I don't have (as, like most of my friends,  I am a wife, mother, business professional, and semi-retired  'social butterfly')  to help them realize chic, sophisticated, innovative, and inexpensive solutions.   Thus, this blog is my way of opening up the 'netspace' to do so on a collective level...and of course with the help of my tres chic friends! 
Fortunately for me, I have several 'au courant'  east-coast buddies (including several who work in  entertainment/fashion/decor in New York, Miami, and Japan) and a very fashion-forward  'soulmate' on the west coast who all share my passions/compulsions.   As such,  we are a world community of 'chic urbains' who  enjoy fixating on the obsessions of our dreams without losing ground/ taking care of business in our varied realities ....
Stay  tuned...

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